Not Shit Skate Zine – For people who live outside the mainstream

Chelsey is working on the zine.

When I met Chelsey in California she told me about her Zine „Not Shit“, which is about skateboarding. When I read through, I loved it from the first glance. I stayed with Chelsey for some days, we skated together and watched skate videos. While she worked on the second issue in her favourite record store and workplace at once, I got the opportunity to interview her. Due to a missing recorder the part when we talked about society and skateboarding is missing. But for the case you ever meet her, be sure to find a lovely person you can talk to seriously. And she might take you with her car to the next subway station; in the middle of the night through the streets of San Fransisco; listening to Doja Cat – No Police

Chelsey, creator of Not Shit Zine

Chelsey, when did you have the idea for Not Shit?

I guess for a while, I had always day dreamed about a skateboarding zine not filled with athletic men doing dumb shit I dont care about.

Is the zine only for girlz, who skate?

Its not for people who love cops or bosses, but it is for people who are them freaky selves and skate hard.

I read the zine and thought, wow, this is good, not shit. Why did you choose this name?

The name is originally a nudge to a punk song but people always come up with their own meaning for it which is cool, too.

I’ve never seen a zine about skateboarding before. Did you had inspiration?

Theres lots of skate zines out there, I think maybe it takes some digging through to find the ones you like. My main inspiration was probably 80s thrasher magazines I found at a junk sale, my weirdo friends, punk music and Savanna Slamma. 

Chelsey is working on the zine.

How’s the process of creating the zine?

It’s pretty disorganized, I’m really bad at keeping on top of stuff haha… what can I say, I’m not running some high functioning magazine, its just poorly xeroxed piles of paper. There’s a regular contributor, Brie Goldstein, and then a ton of people email submissions like drawings or writing or whatever else… after I get all the content together I just lock myself in my room or a copy shop and become isolated for like 72 hours.

When do you publish the next issue? And when is the next deadline?

Next issue should be out in November and the one after that should be out early 2017… taking submissions year round! Thanks.

Thank you.

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